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ACDSleeve 2010-2017?

After working on almost 900 releases and making well over 86,000 pieces of packaging by hand it’s with regret to inform you that as of mid September 2017 ACDSleeve will no longer be continuing in the capacity it has been for the last 7 years.

Over the last 12-18 months I’ve seen a sharp decrease in orders and despite my best efforts to bring in enough work to keep going by reducing prices and introduce new products it hasn’t been enough to be able to keep this going, so since June I’ve had to work a full time job to be able to pay the bills and have been running this in evenings and weekends. As a one man operation there’s only so much I can do to keep ACDSleeve operational so I’m taking a break to see what can be done.

All orders in production won’t be affected and if you’ve been in touch about a release I should still be able to take it on with possibly longer production times, I should be able to take on orders here and there, especially if we’ve worked together in the past, but for the most part I’m taking a break from ACDSleeve.

There are a handful of DIY CD Cases left in both manilla and white, the shop is currently closed but get in touch at acdsleeve@gmail.com if you’d like to order them. The DIY shop will most likely come back in some form in the not too distant future.

Both the Pop-up CD Case and Double Pop-Out will still be available as they’re produced in a pressing plant.

For any future updates follow the social media pages linked at the top of the site, if I have time I’ll be posting photos of the last few releases I’ve worked on in the coming months.

Thanks to everyone who’s ever ordered anything or spread the word of what I do here, it’s crazy that this started as an idea in a bedroom at my mums house with no idea or plan of where it’ll go and that it got to where it did. Hopefully this isn’t the end.


Tom Leggett
21st September 2017

About ACDSleeve

ACDSleeve started in mid 2010 and has since been coming up with new and exciting packaging ideas for the music industry, from bands to labels and everything inbetween.

Tom Leggett Owner, Designer, Manufacturer

Tom has two main passions, music and design. Struggling to find work after university he set about trying to combine the two. A lack of machinery limited him to cardboard and a craft knife and previous interest in collapsibility in products lead Tom to design the pop up CD case. This lead to the beginnings of ACDSleeve.

Kev Douch Executive Director

Kev owns and runs Big Scary Monsters Records and helped Tom set up ACDSleeve. Having released a vast number of records over the years, Kev has always tried to raise the bar by producing interesting packaging solutions, from candy striped sweet bags containing 7-inch vinyl,  to limited edition runs of 3-inch CDs.